Parrott, William (1813-1893)


William Parrott, an Essex farmer's son, was born in 1813. He was apprenticed to John Pye the engraver. However, Parrott soon became a painter and from 1835 exhibited at the Royal Academy, the British Institution and the Society of British Artists in Suffolk Street. These lithographs show that he was skilful in painting landscape and architecture.

Like Boys he made two stones for each view, one for outline and one for tint, and these combined in register produced the lithotints in the uncoloured versions of London from the Thames.


Parrott, William (1813-1893): Westminster and Hungerford from Waterloo Bridge

Coloured lithograph. LONDON FROM THE THAMES (1841 to 1842). External measurements of frame: (height) 38cm. Not signed or dated.

Next to Hungerford Market a jetty protrudes into the river; Brunel's Hungerford Suspension Bridge was not built until 1844-5. A group of boys is bathing and fishing on the unembanked foreshore below Waterloo Bridge.

Price: £ 740

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