SERRES, John Thomas (1759-1825)


John Thomas Serres was born in London in December 1759, the elder son of the artist Dominic Serres. He followed in his father's footsteps and succeeded him as marine-painter to the king in 1793, in 1800 he was also appointed Marine Draughtsman to the Admiralty. Latre, He was drawing-master to a marine school at Chelsea . He is said to have exhibited more than 100 works at the Royal Academy and the British Institution from 1780 to 1825.


Serres, John Thomas: View of the Bay of Naples with a rowing barque.

This view of ships in the Bay of Naples with Vesuvius erupting beyond demonstrates the artist's talents in both landscape and maritime painting.

Oil on Canvas. Picture or plate size excluding frame: (height) 60cm x (width) 85cm. Signed

Price: £ 39,750